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Client/Guide Ratio: 3:1

Group camping equipment (shelter, cook kit, stove, fuel), 1 group dinner, pack, ice axe, crampons, harness and helmet.

Operating on a non-discriminating basis under Special Use Permit, Inyo National Forest.

Sierra Climbing Courses

Sierra Mountaineering     2 Day

This 2-day "short course" packs the most important and valuable mountaineering skills into a marvelous weekend format. It's taught in the high country of the Tioga Pass region, along the eastern border of Yosemite National Park.

After our morning meeting and orientation, we'll look over our gear, pack light overnight packs and begin our short trek to highcamp. We'll spend the rest of the afternoon practicing traditional Sierra rope, belay, rappel and "rockaneering" techniques. The next morning, we'll leave camp with our ice axe and crampons to the nearby snow fields, practicing skillful techniques.

This classy course stylistically addresses contemporary technique, yet traces them back to the rich, legendary history of the Sierra Nevada. It is a perfect course for beginners as well as those who want to learn to climb like the best.

Cost: $525

July 7-8, 2018   (Sat-Sun)
Aug 18-19, 2018   (Sat-Sun)
Sept 8-9, 2018   (Sat-Sun)

Skills covered will include:
  • Trip planning and prep
  • Gear selection for an overnight Sierra climb
  • High & Light packing techniques
  • Trail and off-trail hiking techniqes, class 1-2
  • Rock scrambling, class 2-3
  • Rope handling, belay and rappelling
  • Ice axe, self-belay, self-arrest
  • Rope belayed snow climbing and anchoring
  • Variety of crampon techniques for firm snow
  • Application of skills on mixed rock and snow
  • Map reading and navigation skills
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Principles of Leave No Trace

Cardiovascular conditioning: prepare with at least 3-4, 40 min+ aerobic workouts per week including hill running, biking, or hard-hill hiking with a pack and ski poles. Pre-climb acclimatization recommended to include hiking and sleeping at 8,000'-10,000' at least 1 day before the climb.

  • Previous mountain hiking experience (5 miles+, some off-trail)
  • Familiar with modern, light-weight overnight equipment found on our Equipment List
  • Very Good physical condition, prepared for full days of climbing at elevations 10,000' to 13,000'.

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