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Client/Guide Ratio:
Mt. Blanc: 2:1 or 1:1
Matterhorn: 1:1

All huts, hotels, and lifts during the program. Breakfast and dinner while on the mountain. Guide fees.

Does not include:
Meals in town, bottled water, alcohol at the huts, snacks for climbing, climbing equipment and Guide Gratuity.

Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell
IFMGA Internationally Licensed Mountain Guide

Climbing in the Alps

Mt. Blanc & Matterhorn     5-8 Day             

MT. BLANC     5 Day       

Join ASI and IFMGA Internationally Licensed Mountain Guide, Ben Mitchell for the ultimate European climbing holiday this summer to climb Mt. Blanc and the Matterhorn. The European Alps are a magical place for climbing. They are truly the birthplace of modern alpinism. ASI has a long, rich history of climbing and guiding in the Alps and has taken those skills and brought them back to the Sierra. Come with us, trace the roots and see what can be done in the Alps.

Le Massif du Mont Blanc is a spectacular range. Mt. Blanc itself, is a highlight for any alpinist. It stands at 4,807 meters, just less than 16,000 ft. We will spend a few days prepping for the climb and putting ourselves in the best possible position for our summit attempt. Depending on our goals and abilities we will determine the best climbs to acclimatize and prepare.

Along with stunning climbing and scenery, climbers will get to take advantage of the well-maintained hut systems of the Alps. Along with comfortable on-mountain accommodations, the huts provide us with dinner and breakfast. This allows us to carry lighter packs than many of us are used to in alpine climbs in the US.

Cost: $4,000 (1:1)
         $2,700 (2:1)

Aug 4-8, 2011 (Thu-Mon)  Full

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1:   Meet in the morning and go over gear and plans. Ascend the Grand Montets by Telepherique and Practice climbing skills and ascend the Petite Aguille Verte.

Day 2:   Ascend the Aguille du Midi by Tram. Climb the Cosmiques ArÍte and spend the night in the Cosmiques Refuge, allowing maximum acclimatization.

Day 3:   Climb the SE Ridge of the Tour Ronde. Descend to Chamonix.

Day 4:   Begin our ascent of Mt. Blanc. We will have the opportunity to climb via different routes depending on skill and route conditions. We will either climb the Trois Mt. Blanc or the Gouter Route.

Day 5:   Climb Mt. Blanc and return to Chamonix.

Previous experience using ice axe and crampons. Excellent Phyiscal Condition.

MATTERHORN     3 Day       

There is the option of adding on a 3-day extension of the program to climb the famed Matterhorn. This is on a custom basis and will be guided strictly on a 1:1 ratio. The Matterhorn is one of the most striking peaks in the world. It is visible from quite a distance due to its recognizable form. The climb consists of both rock and snow climbing and is more technical than Mt. Blanc.

Cost: $3,000 (1:1)

Aug 10-12, 2011 (Wed-Fri)  Full

Sample Itinerary:
Change venues from Chamonix to Zermatt.

Day 1:   Train on the Riffelhorn for the technical rock portion.

Day 2:   Ascend to Hornli Hut.

Day 3:   Climb Matterhorn and descend to Zermatt

Previous experience using ice axe and crampons. Rope belayed rock climbing recommended. Excellent Phyiscal Condition.

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