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Class size: 3-4

Operating on a non-discriminating basis under Special Use Permit, Tahoe National Forest.

Climber's Self Rescue - 1 day     
Donner Pass

What would you do if you were several pitches off the ground and your partner took a serious leader fall and got hurt? Would you be prepared to handle the situation? These one-day workshops are for experienced climbers wanting to learn improvised self-rescue techniques with just the gear you normally take along on a climb.

You'll study the best anchoring methods, along with raising and lowering systems for a one-on-one situation. This is a must for all climbers!

Skills covered will include:
  • Belaying the leader with self rescue advantages
  • Arresting the fall, tieing off the fallen climber
  • Escaping the belay
  • Ascending to the fallen climber
  • Counter balance ascending with an injured climber
  • Counter balance rappelling with an injured climber
  • Tandem rappeling with an injured climber
  • 3:1 and 5:1 raising systems
  • Lowering with a knot pass
REGISTER EARLY >>> Please call the office during business hours (M-F 1-5pm) to confirm your place on a course
Cost: $195

Dates 2021:

May 31

June 6
June 20
July 5
July 18
August 2
August 15
September 5
September 13

  • Basic anchoring and following experience, 5.6 or greater
  • Basic leading recommended

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