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ASI Philosophy

What they're saying about us:

"Thanks for sending me out yesterday with Chris Baumann. He was so nice and patient and made me feel immediately at ease. He's a great teacher and I had a really fun/challenging day!"

- Kirsten Malone

"I had a great time at the (Shasta West Face) trip last week and I want to thank you and the guides, especially Lorenzo Worster. He is a great guide, very patient in teaching beginners such as myself, and very professional. I would not have made it to the summit and back safely without him. "

- Ling Chen

"Thank you for the privilege of being able to share the rope with such a consummate professional and expert guide! I really appreciated you for lending your experience and suggestions to help us not only achieve the summit (Shasta Summit Climb) but learn the value of doing so with good style! I had such a rewarding time and continue to be impressed with the professionalism from ASI. "

- Karl Osicki

"I went on the Mt. Shasta Summit Climb trip this weekend. I just wanted to let you know what a absolutely phenomenal job Lorenzo Worster did as a guide In addition to the normal encounters that do the guides likely face, Lorenzo was incredibly patient, giving, and understanding in a way that made the situation work for everybody involved."

- Anne Deucher

"My wife and took a private rockclimbing lesson with Chris Baumann recently. I wanted to let you know that he did a great job balancing my wife's first experience with my slightly more experience. He helped my wife work through some nerves and made it a safe and fun day. He's a very knowledgable and personable guide. We look forward to climbing with ASI again."

- Eric Lehto

"Thanks for an awesome Sugar Bowl Backcountry day last Sunday with Logan. My buddy Jared and I had a blast. Big props to Logan Talbott, who was super knowledgeable, friendly and extremely patient with us (especially with Jared, who was pretty unfamiliar with the whole splitboard setup). We really appreciated that Logan also took time after the day to show us how to rig a rescue sled. Please send our thanks to him. I am definitely planning to come back next season to take some of your other trips -- hopefully a multi-day one."

- Eric Chang

"Curt, Craig, and I completed the AIARE Avalanche Level 1 course this past weekend with Dave and Logan. We had a great experience and felt that the course was exceptional. Both Logan and Dave did an exceptional job.

One thing that I was going to mention during the class, but had forgotten about it was the fact the supporting the Sierra Avalanche Center each year is important and that class participants should consider donating. We are very fortunate to have the avalanche center in Truckee. A lot of areas do not have such a valuable service available."

- Kevin Clark

"A good friend of mine was in a small rock slide in razor sharp scree, just short of Dicks Pass. I immediately ran into WFR mode and threw all my first aid stuff in my pack, got extra water and was on my way. I found my two friends, one with his whole lower leg covered in blood. He was on his second blood-soaked dressing and they were about to resort to his shirt. I thought I would have acted more panicky, but I handled it smoothly and asked all the right questions. I dressed it the best I could, and after the 2.5 mile hike out, he ended up going to the ER and got 7 stitches on the inside of his knee.

I just wanted to thank you and ASI for the great WFR class. Without it, I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared for this kind of situation. I continue to recommend everyone I travel with in the backcountry to take a WFR and AIARE class. The skills you guys teach are truly priceless. All day today I have been receiving praise from my friend, telling me I have no idea how much I helped. They must have been pretty desperate to call me from the middle of Desolation Wilderness for first aid supplies. Thanks again Bill."

- Toby Citret

"I wanted to let you know that we had a very good summit attempt this weekend on Mt. Shasta (Shasta Summit Climb) with your Guide, Tim Dobbins. He was very professional and reviewed everything in detail with all of us. I wll be back again to climb with ASI!"

- Brian James

"I was really impressed with everything ASI did for this trip (Sierra High Route); Peter and Dave were outstanding guides, and the logistics were executed with perfection. Your High & Light approach coupled with the experience and good nature of your guides makes this trip extremely rewarding. We were blessed with perfect corn snow and clear blue skies.

ASI's preparation and efficient movement strategy allowed us to take full advantage of free skiing opportunities. Thanks for providing such an outstanding ski mountaineering experience. The Sierra and ASI's guide service are a national treasure, and anyone with the capability and aspiration should make this trip!"

- Jim Casciano

"I just wanted to thank you and everyone at ASI who made the Sierra High Route possible this year. The trip exceeded all expectations, which were exalted in the first place. Having organized week long backpacking trips myself, I understand and can appreciate all of the efforts that went into making the trip possible.

Furthermore, and I just can't stress this enough, Geoff was an absolutely outstanding guide, impeccable in every way. Not only did he inspire confidence and a sense of safety, but was also conscientious about everyones' concerns, difficulties and preferences. He gets a ten out of ten by my reckoning. Thanks again! I'll likely see you next year."

- Ben Taylor

"I had an amazing time (Mt. Shasta Steeps). I want to give my all thumbs, fingers and toes up for Steve, he is truly an amazing guide, and an even better instructor. I learned a ton! Small things (how to pack a backpack, deal with gear) and big things (climbing skills) were all amazing and super useful!"

"The Season Finale sounds great and so does next Shasta trip. Yes, you got me addicted and I'm sure I'll be back soon. Btw, any chance you would be willing to share the recipe for the great dinner we had?"

- Marusa Bradac

"I think that (ROAD TRIP) will prove to be unforgettable. The mountains were stunning, and we climbed high! I really liked that the itinerary was somewhat improvisational, but this was balanced by Logan's supreme organizational skills. Because snow level, road openings, snow condition, etc. are all so variable, the flexibility was key to the success of the trip. Mike and Logan were great to ski with, and they both taught us a lot."

- Justin DeSantis

It was a great day for me. Tim took very good care of us (two) snowboarders, and I must also compliment Paul Adams for giving me a great intro class on split boarding the previous day. My previous trip with ASI was last August with Dave Riggs on the Mountaineers Route of Mt. Whitney... another great guide! It was a pleasure meeting you and enjoying time in the backcountry, and I hope to return again."

- Ed Schegel

"I do want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Paul Adams (Private Rock Climbing) last week. Paul was knowledgeable and patient -- I had a very good time. And I really feel that he helped me develop a good foundation for crack climbing-- things I can keep working on and improving. "

- Helen Arnston

"Thank you for another amazing day in the mountains. The guide far exceeded my expectations. We had a great climb (North Peak, Northwest Ridge)and an incredible day. You guys are the best."

- Nate Weyant

"Thank you for working with us on our Mt Shasta climb on July 13,14. It was a successful summit! My son who has Cystic Fibrosis(CF) completed the climb. Your guide Logan was exceptional. He was very engaging, knowledgeable and skillful. He was the exclamation point of our climb!"

- Kurt Holm

"I am just writing to you to show our appreciation for your Intro To Snow Climbing class. We took your class in May and we did a Mt. Shasta climb to summit on July 4th. The techniques you showed us were really helpful. We zig-zaged our ways through red bank hills, and even though we took more zig-zags than most people up that hill, we evenutally caught some of them and did not feel a heavy burden to our thigh muscles. That really helped us to reach the summit and the later down climb."

- Chih-Yang Li

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I though both Eric and Tobin were great on this last weekend's (Tioga Pass - Season Finale). Tim hung back with me and was great in giving me pointers and he maintained enthusiasm the entire time. On Sunday when we ascended Ellery Bowl, he went the extra mile by cutting an extra wide track for me with his ice axe. I really learned a lot from that guy and I hope to see him finish off his UIAGM deal because he seems to have a talent for both skills and people. Thanks for putting together a great trip.

- Christopher Johnke

"I just wanted to say that this weekend was incredible. I feel that even though I was an experienced climber at one point, this course (Intro To Snow Climbing) as a refresher was worth every penny and that Paul is truly one of the best guides/instructors I have had the pleasure to work with. I will be sure to recommend ASI and if I need the service of a guide in my future endeavors I will certainly contact you."

- Patrick Rulo

"Just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience with ASI this past weekend on Mt. Shasta. Peter Leh was a fantastic guide, instructor, and host on the mountain. I will definitely look for more trips with your company in the future. Thanks again."

- Michael Vollmer

"I just completed the Sierra High Route with Peter Leh as our guide. It was everything I expected it to be and more. First , I want to express my appreciation to Peter. He is a consummate professional. He really seems more like a team member and friend than a guide, yet when his expertise is needed, it is there. He certainly doesn't coddle you, but he always seems to know when a little encouragement or help is needed. I learned a lot from him.

The trip itself was epic. The scenery was spectacular and the skiing awesome. I have to say the climbs were difficult and I appreciate Peter adjusting the pace to accommodate the "old guy." If I had to do it all over again, I would not simply rely on my general conditioning, but, instead, I would train specifically for the trip.

Thanks for giving me memories, and a sense of accomplishment, I will treasure for the rest of my life."

- Robert Grisham

"The high route trip last week was a memorable experience, the best trip ever. I would like to thank you and all of ASI that made it happen for me this year. Thanks to Tim, Logan, Tony, Bill Seline and a special thanks to the master instructor, Mr. Eric D, and of course, Geoff Clark. Geoff led the trip in a way in which we traveled safely, worked hard, overcame difficulties and had fun doing it. Hope to join you again next year."
- Barry Ohm

"I had a great trip and a great time. The climbing and skiing were exactly what I was looking for, and the weather improved at just the right time. Peter did a great job and provided many great tech tips. I look forward to skiing with ASI in the future."

- Douglas Clark

"I Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Intro To Backcountry Skiing course yesterday. Bill Seline has an exceptional skill of communicating his vast wealth of knowledge. I picked up so much more information from the class than I ever anticipated. Bill covered the course outline in detail and filled in the blanks with anecdotal experience and practical tips."

- Dr. Jerry Sanchez

"The Skiing Improvement for Mountain Guides course was great. It completely rebuilt my skiing fundamentals and left me more excited about skiing than I can ever remember being. Eric DesLauriers and Bela Vadasz have very different but complementary styles that worked very well together.

In terms of the AMGA Ski Program, this course resolved my essential questions. Is it feasible for me to continue in the progression? Yes, I now think it probably is, if I work for it. What exactly is the base level for AMGA Ski certification, where do I stand relative to that level, and what path do I need to follow to achieve it? All tough questions, none as easy or objective as climbing a specific 10c in Red Rocks, but this course gave me very clear insights. I feel I’ve left the course knowing where I stand, where I need to go, and how to get there. Truthfully, I'd repeat the course in a heartbeat-- not tomorrow but after some experiential time and pretty much before each remaining step in the ski progression. I'm sure I'd learn just as much each time."

- John Bicknell, Former AMGA President

"The combination of the “Rock Anchoring Clinic” and the “Learn to Lead” program were the ideal way for my son and I to begin the transition from top roped climbing to lead climbing. The combination of the incredible credentials and experience of ASI’s guides, climbing in the best natural environment you could hope for, and the solid, confidence-building curriculum allowed us to gain skills and knowledge which will serve us well for many years to come. Some parents may wonder how they can possibly connect with and enjoy time with their teenager; I can tell them – spend a little time with ASI."

- Joe Bittaker, Landmark Construction

"Just wanted to thank the crew at ASI for a job well done. Initially, through my conversations with Bela, his knowledge of the route (Mt. Whitney, East Buttress) and of my experience, or lack of, gave me the confidence I needed to attempt the climb. My guide, Paul Adams, was a first class guide and companion. With his expertise and guidance I felt comfortable challenging my climbing abilities like never before. He truly made the trip a remarkable and unforgettable experience. I will highly recommend Paul and Alpine Skills International to anyone climbing in their area."

- David Minninger

"Hope you had some good days off! We climbed with Logan, Rich, and Paul (Private Rock Climbing) and they were all quite wonderful. I asked the kids (13 and 15) who they liked the best, found the most useful, would request or want to climb with, learn from again and they uncharacteristically said they thought they were all great and different. So, pass that along and tell them all thank you so much."

- Maureen Katz

"Wanted to email to thank you guys for the ˝ day climbing class (Intro To Rock Climbing) we took last week. We really enjoyed Tim as a guide and the kids (ages five and six) really liked the instruction and climbing with a “real rope”. Only regret is my wife and I did not get to climb more as the kids were so into it."

- Hugo Wildman

"Please let me thank you again for the high quality of guides and trips you offer. Our campers had an incredible time (Group Rock Climbing)and I know of at least one camper that went on the rock trip a second time, they had so much fun the first."

- Jennifer Edwards, Camp Augusta

"The Sierra High Route was most excellent! Thanks for a memorable trip. Geoff, thanks for keeping us safe and being a great guide and teacher."

- James Markham

"I just skied the Checked Demon and the Bloody Couloir and had a great time with both. I have got to thank Bela for teaching me the pedal hop turn because that technique is what's making this fun. That day of steep skiing instruction along with the avy courses has opened a new venue of enjoyment in the mountains to me."

- Tucker Thole

"I really had a fantastic time on the Lost Trail Lodge trip. The only problem was that it was too short. It was delightful to ski down from Mt. Lincoln and Judah and arrive at the lodge. That place is a gem."

- Shirley Langlois

"Our trip last Saturday was perfect! I loved spending the day with Tobin and Rich and they did a wonderful job teaching and leading a positive day of learning and fun (Group Rock Climbing). The kids want to plan another day before the season ends and up the challenge a little."

- Lisa Crosby, Custom Learning Academy, Inc.

"My wife and I attended the Telemark course last weekend at Sugar Bowl. I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated and enjoyed the class. Geoff and Bill were excellent. We learned a lot and had a good time. I would recommend ASI to anyone."

- Neil Fordyce

"I just wanted to comment that I had a (literally) unbelievable experience climbing North Palisade with Paul. Paul was very encouraging and supportive, and I’d never have made it without him. You’ll be hearing from me again next time I want to climb a Sierra peak that’s a bit beyond my solo ability."

- Ken Jones

"Had a great time on the Mountaineer's Route; one of the most satisfying in my 63 years. Paul was a tremendous guide. He did a great job of 'gently' moving us along. Thanx. I may consider doing Shasta next year."

- Dean Moser

"Lorenzo, thank you for all of your hard work in making this weekend safe and fun. Please thank Bela for everything that has gone into making ASI the great place it is."

- Laura Lifland

"I had an excellent experience on the north side of Shasta with Bill Seline. I just wanted to pass on to you that Bill has all the qualities of an outstanding alpine guide: thorough knowledge, sound judgement, deep patience and great communication skills. This was my first experience with ASI and I will definately be back. Time permitting, I hope to signup for the Casaval Ridge trip next February as well as some tele lessons this winter."

- Jim Ross

"Having recently had the opportunity to learn and climb with two of your guides, I must express my extreme satisfaction with their professional attitudes, climbing knowledge and safety. Having studied at several top universities and having received a WEMT, I have been fortunate to encounter some great teachers. Both Tom Carter and Paul Adams fall into this category as their knowledge and fluid climbing inspired in me the confidence to achieve things on rock (Lover's Leap) that I thought I could never do. I will certainly recommend your program to my friends and hope to climb again with Paul and Tom. Thank you."

- Paul Foxx

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